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Faster #28

Bueno, aquí los tenéis a los dos luchando, cada día y bajo nuestras narices, crueles y rutinarios para recordarnos con cada golpe que estamos ahí, en la oficina! Muy duro! 

A mí no me queda más remedio, me falta poco para verlos de nuevo, se acerca el fin de las vacaciones…Vuelvo al mundo de los audaces autónomos, los feroces embotelladores del Ribeiro, los olvidadizos graniteros y los implacables burócratas de SCQ

Mientras espero el día, escribo un resumen de algunos de los momentos del viaje que nos llevó a Morter y a mí primero al sur y luego otra vez a casa:

This summer, me and Mortimer went on holiday to the province of Cadiz, right in the South of Spain, in what would be the double chin of the Iberian Peninsula if we think of it as a face, not as an amorphous god-forsaken unbearable waste of barren land and murky waters

On our way south, we stopped in Salamanca to have lunch. There we were lucky enough to come across a bunch of typical Erasmus students, tottering down the streets and amusing the passers-by with their loud jabbering and careless looks. That day we also visited Caceres, a beautiful town whose natives are called ‘cacerenos’. On july the 30th we were already on the Cadiz coast. What can i say about the lively light we found in the landscape and the cheerfulness of the people of Andalusia? We spent all day lying on the beach surrounded by women in topless, with breasts that made me think of ciabatta bread, and in the evenings we would go for dinner to some of the nearby villages. The hotel we stayed in was very close to Cape Trafalgar, but the area, called Los Canos de Meca, is best known as the source of inspiration from which the pop-folk band Los Canos, composers of the hit single ‘Nina Piensa en Ti’, got their name. Besides, it stands within the municipality of Barbate, birthplace to one of the most renowned spanish comedians ever: Chiquito de la Calzada

Among all the great typical food we had, I would definitely recommend gazpacho (a kind of tomato soup)

On August the 4th, we started our way back home through Portugal. As a lot of you have asked us about that since we arrived, I tell you: yes, now it’s all motorway from the South of Portugal to La Corunna. They had warned me about the country being a bit behind Spain in terms of development, so I expected cinemas would still be premiering L.A. Confidential or something like that, but what we found instead was a place wise enough to combine its rich tradition with bold modernity in a way so perfect that i guess it can only be expressed with one word: Olé! So, we made a very pleasant journey, though we had to deal with a lot of ‘false friends’ when speaking Portuguese. Did you know that ‘obrigado’ means ‘thanks’ and that ‘presunto’ means ‘ham’?? Ha ha ha ha! We have some funny stories about that!!

Vilque; Portuguese people are nostalgic and ruthless
P.S. When I wrote ‘murky waters’ before, did anybody else think of Murky of Patrullero Mancuso?


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